The fees includes consultation.
All fees includes consumption taxes.

Incorporation Services

Establishment of joint stock corporation270,000 yen
Establishment of limited liability company200,000 yen
Establishment of subsidiary300,000 yen
Establishment of branch office250,000 yen
Establishment of representative office200,000 yen

* Fees above include  a three-item package of company seals, and the fees required for acquiring a certified copy of the company register and a company seal impression certificate.

Visa Application

Business manager150,000 yen
Engineer108,000 yen
Specialist in humanities / international services108,000 yen
Intra-company transferee108,000 yen

* Actual expenses will be charged separately for obtaining certified copies of documents and for transportation to the Immigration Bureau.
* When hiring two or more persons at the same time, a substantial discount is available for the second person onward.

Business License

Restaurant business license54,000 yen
Secondhand articles dealer license324,000 yen
Real estate brokerage license 108,000 yen