International Financial Center, Japan

On March 30, 2021 International Financial Center Website has been launched by Financial Services Agency, The Japanese Government.

International Financial Center Initiatives

Japan is the third wealthiest economy and third largest pension market in the world. However, it has yet to perform at its full potential as a financial center. Over 18 trillion dollars of cash equivalent assets on household’s balance sheet is waiting to be mobilized by talented asset managers.
Within this context, the Japanese government is working as “one team” to expand its role as an international financial center. While simplified market entry and company setup procedures are prime examples of our efforts on eliminating financial obstacles, we are also vigorously pursuing bold tax incentives and providing one-stop seamless support for living and doing business in Japan.
Japan’s stable political and legal systems, high level public security and quality of life, and wide variety of natural attractions will be invaluable assets for your entry into the Japanese market.

Professional business support through notaries, accountants, and attorneys is essential for starting up a business (corporate registration and applications, obtaining financial licenses, accounting, and legal), and for setting up your livelihood (obtaining resident status).

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