Our Support services for foreigners starting a business in Japan

Legal procedures support: In order for foreigners to start a business in Japan, legal procedures are necessary. This includes procedures for establishment, visa applications, tax declarations, copyrights, patents, etc. Depending on the procedures required by the entrepreneur, support providers can provide procedures to complete the necessary documentation for the entrepreneur.

Assistance in developing a business plan: To realize the ideas held by entrepreneurs, it is necessary to prepare a business plan in advance. Support providers can offer advice and support for entrepreneurs in creating business plans. This includes market research, competitive analysis, financial planning, marketing strategies, etc.

Location support: In order to start a business, entrepreneurs need to find a suitable location. Support providers can offer entrepreneurs suitable offices, shops, factories, warehouses, etc.

Translation/interpretation support: If entrepreneurs conduct business in Japan, they need to be familiar with Japanese documents and business etiquette. Support providers can provide entrepreneurs with translation/interpretation support.

Support in the preparation of business plan for the application of the business manager visa and the selection of rental office etc.

Acquisition of business manager visa

Thank you message from our client

“Having Alex Legal Office as our permanent contact makes for a very effective working relationship of our start-up in Japan

The represenative knows myself and company business very well. He links up with the local parties, who have local expertise and know the procedures and regulations in the country and Kyoto city where the represenative has extensive networks.

Alex Legal Office works straightforward and totally transparent. Plus his working is adapted to our Japanese startups. The represenative also knows new startup needs, so very often he works proactively – and always acts quickly.