The city of Kyoto has been the political, economic, academic and artistic centre of Japan for over 1,000 years, where traditional Japanese culture lives on and many young entrepreneurs are born.

We wholeheartedly support you in setting up your business in Kyoto City.

Total support is provided, including drafting of draft articles of incorporation, procedures for certification of articles of incorporation, assistance in securing leased office space, assistance in registering the company, assistance in notifying the tax office, advice on preparing business plans for the visa application, and application for the Business Manager visa.

Please contact us via our office website.


Support in the preparation of business plan for the application of the business manager visa and the selection of rental office etc.

Acquisition of business manager visa

Free consultation

If you have any concerns about company establishment in Kyoto, Japan and business visa,
please feel free to consult our office which  has detailed knowledge about related information.

Making an early consultation is short-cut to ensuring visa permission.

Our office will search for better measures for each client and suggest a solution to obtain permission.